What we share?

Timeseries Data and Metadata of sensors in UCSD buildings.

Why we share?

Large scale deployment of sensors is essential to practical applications in cyber physical systems. For instance, instrumenting a commercial building for smart energy management requires deployment and operation of thousands of measurement and metering sensors and actuators that direct operation of the HVAC system. Each of these sensors need to be named consistently and constantly calibrated. Doing this process manually is not only time consuming but also error prone given the scale, heterogeneity and complexity of buildings as well as lack of uniform naming schemas.

To address this challenge, we started the project Zodiac (paper, code) to automatically classify, name and manage sensors based on data driven analysis on available sensor metadata. We are currently expanding this project to cover more metadata types such as location of sensors and reduce human effort.

We would like the research community to take up the challenge of standardizing sensor ontology in buildings, and hence we release the metadata for sensors across all the networked buildings on our campus. The dataset encompasses more than 55 buildings and over 180,000 points. Many challenges remain in sensor ontology mapping – identification of sensor location, equipment the sensor belongs to, the relationship between sensors within an equipment and across equipment. This dataset allows the research community to explore solutions to these problems. Of course, we welcome to use our dataset for other research topics too.


  • Metadata are shared with BSD3 License.
  • Data are shared under an agreement UCSD to protect private the data from possible malicious usage. Except that, there is no charge or limit of it. Please refer the license docuemnt.

Who are we?

We are researchers from Microelectronic Embedded Systems Laboratory (MESL). MESL is a leading research group in building automation and IoT. We have been doing research on analyzing building data and building automation. We collect sensors’ data and metadata in buildings for both management and research in a data storage, BuildingDepot.




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Other References

  1. MESL Publications
  2. Synergy Publications

Othes materials

  1. Brick: It is a unified schema for buildings built together with multiple groups. Brick